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Organic Oil-Based Lubricant

Organic Oil-Based Lubricant

Price: 22.97

For superior vaginal moisture and long-lasting glide, this luscious, certified-organic oil-based lubricant is the only way to go.  Thanks to Virgin Olive and Coconut Oils and sumptuous Cocoa Butter, Emerita® Oil-Based Lubricant is a feast for the senses.  It’s all organic oils, with just a touch of Tocopherol (Vitamin E) to help preserve freshness.

Notice the beauty of an intimate lubricant that works with you: that nourishes and conditions the skin while maintaining its slip. Apply generously. No need to wash off. Remove any excess with a dry, soft cloth.

Perfect as a massage oil as well.

Not for use with Latex.

Vegan: No beeswax or animal anything. We never test on animals.

No Glycerin

No Fragrance or Flavorings


No Parabens

No Petrochemicals

Emerita Paraben-Free Natural Lubricant - 2 oz.

Emerita Paraben-Free Natural Lubricant - 2 oz.

Price: 12.99

Emerita's Natural Lubricant can enhance your experience, whether you simply want more enjoyment or you want to relieve the mild dryness that sometimes occurs during your menstrual cycle or after childbirth. Our lubricant is free of mineral oil or petroleum distillates.

Its water-based formula protects a woman's delicate vaginal balance.

The lubricant contains natural ingredients blended in a water-based solution that's latex-friendly, completely washable and non-staining More...

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